TELUS Home Assistant for Optik TV has officially launched!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Exciting news! Customers will now be able to control their Optik TV hands-free with voice control. The TELUS Home Assistant action using Google Assistant allows our Optik TV customers to control their entertainment experience with the simple sound of their voice.


The TELUS Home Assistant has undergone beta testing over the past couple of months in order to facilitate product improvements and ensure a good customer experience. Beta testing allows us to gain insights on the most prevalent customer pain-points. Also, because this is a relatively new technology, we wanted to ensure that we performed the necessary validation. 


Getting Started on TELUS Home Assistant 


To use the TELUS Home Assistant action for Optik TV, you need a Google Assistant enabled device (ex. Google Home) or you can download the Google Assistant app for free on your phone or tablet (visit Google Assistant Help to view the devices currently supported). Customers will need to pair their Google Assistant supported device to the TELUS Home Assistant action to use the capabilities. Step by step instructions can be found here: (support page)



Commands for Optik TV 


Optik TV customers will be able to use their voice to now use feature such as: changing the channel, launching Netflix, or searching for their favourite shows.


For the full list of commands, see here




If you are experiencing any issues or need support, visit our support pages that have lots of information to assist you further. 


Information for Beta Users 


For those of you who participated in our beta test, you’ll need to follow a couple steps in order to unlink and relink your account. The purpose of this is so you will be on the full in-market version of TELUS Home Assistant which will continuously be updated and improved upon. 


Visit our support page here to learn more. 


Stay Tuned 


TELUS Home Assistant will continue to grow and evolve over time! We will continue to add more information, capabilities, and support. Keep an eye out for more posts. 

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