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Resolved! console, ethernet cable.

Hi! I have an Xbox 1 and I was just wondering, would it be possible for me to plug in an ethernet cable from an Optik box network adaptor into my Xbox 1. Would that boost the internet at all?Thanks!

Stadia gaming experience on Telus.

I have been playing Stadia on Shaw Internet 600, and it has been amazing when the feedback was bad, mine was 4K HDR and I loved it. I am switching to Telus Internet 150 on a POTS connection, as fibre isn’t available in my area and just wondering if a...

Playaprez by Friendly Neighbour
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Micro-transactions & skins/customization

Looking for your thoughts on what games have the best use of micro-transactions for skins/customization of the interface, character, etc. Who does it really well? Why?Who does it really poorly? Why? I'm really looking for your thoughts on cosmetics c...

Call of Duty Mobile

Has anyone been using Call of Duty Mobile? I have been using it on my iPhone & iPad & love it.The multiplayer is super easy to play likely because the game was designed to be played on mobile instead of ported as an after-thought.Anyone else playing?...

What's Your Gaming Setup?

In line with the 'what are you playing?' thread, I thought it'd be cool to see what everyone has rolling for their gaming rig. Are you just a couch and console kinda person, or do you go all out with the Secretlab chair, Turtle Beach headset, and top...

A-B by Community Manager
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New Overwatch Hero

Hi fellow gamers, What does everyone think about the new OW hero, Sigma? If you haven't seen him, more info here

Stadia - Buying Games

Now that more details have been revealed on Stadia, specifically the fact that it's an 11.99/month subscription price but then have to buy the individuals games (except for Destiny 2). Google said they'd have Destiny 2 available as part of the 11.99 ...