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Stadia gaming experience on Telus.

Friendly Neighbour

I have been playing Stadia on Shaw Internet 600, and it has been amazing when the feedback was bad, mine was 4K HDR and I loved it. I am switching to Telus Internet 150 on a POTS connection, as fibre isn’t available in my area and just wondering if anyone else has any feedback on Stadia gaming on a twisted pair and what are your connection and display specs?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never seen 150 available over copper. 


I've never used Stadia so I can't speak to that service specifically though. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work any different than on Shaw. 


The speed of the internet connection isn't that important. I'm on 25mbps currently where I live and I have no problems gaming. It can really depend on where the server you connect to is located as to how much latency you'll experience. For other online games I've had latency as low as 50ms to specific servers.

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