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*UPDATE - SEPT 16: Full pricing and release dates for both consoles is below!*


The great battle of the next-gen gaming consoles is almost upon us! The Xbox Series X and PS5 from Microsoft and Sony, respectively, are set to drop in November. I've put together some of the rumors and confirmed info regarding both consoles, as well as some of the most anticipated exclusive games so you can see which one stands out. The PS4 is often considered to be the winner of the current generation of gaming, but we all know that means Microsoft will be pulling out all the stops this time. Either way, it's an exciting time to be a gamer. Let's take a look!


Price and Release Date


Probably the most important info that all gamers want to know...when can I pick one up, and how much will it cost? Microsoft beat SONY to the punch, announcing details last week. The Xbox Series X will street at $499 USD while the cheaper all-digital Series S will only be $299 USD. Both will have Xbox All Access as an option where you can finance the console itself over a 24 month period and no money upfront. Both will also drop on Nov 10, with EA's subscription service EA Play games joining the Game Pass family as well. Microsoft definitely came out swinging. Preorders start Sept 22.


Sony announced everything on Sept 16, with the main console coming in at the same cost of $499 USD, whereas their digital-only (no disc drive) version is a bit more than the Xbox, at $399 USD. Both consoles launch a few days after their counterparts from Xbox, on Nov 12 in North America. In a surprising, and somewhat aggressive, move however...preorders for both versions went up almost instantly after the reveal event in the afternoon. Retailers such as Amazon and BestBuy were quickly displaying 'Out of Stock' messages after gamers flooded their pages to get their PS5...proving what we all knew. The demand for the next generation of gaming is at a fever pitch.






The Xbox Series X supports a minimalist design as a black rectangular tower that resembles a small PC. It's also small, at roughly 12" tall/long and 6" wide/deep...with both vertical and horizontal orientations available. This means it should fit in your entertainment stand quite easily. The PS5 opted for a white box with sleek curves and the signature Sony blue lighting, though the size has yet to be revealed. Some theories though point to the console itself being massive. Not a big factor for everyone, but worth noting that you'll need a ton of room wherever you park it near your TV.







Now we get down to the nitty gritty. Let's take a quick peek at the hardware in these bad boys. Both run with a CPU of 8 cores, though the Xbox Series X is slightly more powerful, and sports an equally more powerful GPU. With a slightly larger 1TB internal storage compared to the PS5's 825GB storage, there's a bit more wiggle room for games as well. Both will support 4K UHD blu-rays, and will see performance clock in at a crazy max of up to 120 FPS and 8K. Pretty equal for the most part but on paper, the Xbox Series X is the more powerful gaming console.


Backward Compatibility


Another victory for Microsoft here, as while both consoles have promised backwards compatibility for older games...the Xbox Series X will not only play XB1 titles, but will also include their wildly popular Game Pass and support of over 600 even older titles. Sony has confirmed backwards compatibility for almost all of their top 100 PS4 games, though Microsoft has clearly made far more extensive commitments for those already invested in the Xbox community to keep playing the games they already have.




This is it. This is the one thing that can make or break a console. Most big titles are released for all platforms, but exclusive titles can sway the tide in the battle as we all know. Some of the exclusive Xbox Series X highlights include Halo Infinite, Dirt 5, Bright Memory: Infinite, and Outriders. The PS5 sees big titles such as Horizon: Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, and Gran Turismo 7. Until we know more about the exclusive Xbox titles...gotta say Sony wins this round.




All in all, it's still a pretty level playing field in my opinion. I've always been Team Xbox so I'm definitely preordering a Series X as soon as humanly possible, but it's impossible to deny that Sony has some spectacular looking titles to please the Sony community. The specs for the PS5 don't quite hold up to the raw power of the Xbox Series X but it's always the games that make or break you. One thing's for certain...this next generation of consoles is going to lead to another battle between the two, and it'll be a closer fight than ever before. I can't wait.


Are you planning on picking up a new console or are you going to wait? Let me know in the comments below!