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Slimline 2 remote

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How do I control TV functions on slimline 2? There is no mode button anymore, I am trying to change tv inputs. I have the tv already programmed into the remote.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Changing TV inputs is not supported on the Slimline 2 remote. There are a number of other posts from users also asking this and an Idea for it to be added. I recommend you support the Idea to give it more weight if this is an important addition for you.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

Don't understand the reasoning behind that one. But they did it for some reason.

I think it comes down to how often do you really change inputs on your tv? I know I rarely do and I have four things connected to my TV.

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The AT&T U-Verse remote control (model #: S30-S1A) works perfectly with Optik TV and does have a TV Input select button. It is 100x nicer than any of the remotes offered by Telus and works better too. They are available on eBay for less than the price of two cups of coffee at Starbuck's, brand new.


AT&T - Small.jpg