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Optik TV and Green Channel Preview Box


I have noticed that when I exit Netflix Channel 422 and then use the Guide the channel preview box in the top left of the screen is just a solid green rather than showing the current channel selected on the Guide.  The only way I can get the preview box is to reset the PVR from the Settings menu (this is the latest PVR with Internet 150/150 PureFibre.  It also takes forever to exit the Netflix app which is pretty annoying and I often end up punching a bunch of remote buttons to see if the darn thing is still alive.  Maybe that is what is wrecking the preview box ... Anyway I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if there is a fix.  Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User
I just hold down the "back/exit" button a few seconds to close the app. Then channel up/down or use guide. I've never had a green screen in the preview box. Does this only happen with the Netflix app or other apps as well?

So far I've only noticed it with the Netflix app.  I've only used CraveTV a bit and really none of the other apps etc for the Weather Network app to see the local forecast.  So yah only with Netflix.

Interestingly when I now use your method of just holding down the Exit button for a bit it is much faster exiting Netflix and there is no green box in the guide.  I was exiting Netflix by just single clicking Exit and using the Netflix app exit option.  But now when I try to go back into Netflix I get an error "Sorry the application you have tried to access is temporarily unavailable. Please Try Again" Error code: 0.  Oh well ... probably holding down the Exit button is doing a hard termination of the app and confusing it until it resets on its own.

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Community Power User
I never get that mentioned error and the only way I exit the Netflix app. What receiver have you tried this on? Have you tried it on any other receivers you may have setup.

Pressing it simply exits you put of Netflix then out of the guide without a pause in between.

If you exit Netflix your login info is still in there, if you logoff Netflix then you may have to re enter login info