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No component on optik tv box, Telus does not care

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Our condo just got upgraded to Optik TV with the VIP5662W box. It does not have a component out, just HDMI. Problem is that that box also de facto adds hdmi copy protection and none of my tv's can take it: after 15 mins on the display starts flickering. I called Telus tech support and they said that because this is considered a business account since our cable is part of strata fees, they don't supply a different box. They told me to get a hdmi to component cable, and most of these are fake cables that do not work! HDmi is digital, component is analogue! When I called them back they told me to change TV's!!! I have tried hdmi splitters, hdmi pass through boxes and nothing works. I have been paying $50 a month for cable for the last 2 months and have nothing... please help, running out of ideas.


There is a breakout cable that goes to the back of VIP 5662W box that has component+ AV out. Get one of those from Telus.  Most Telus techs carry it.

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Hi vishwa, Telus tech support and Telus stores all tell me they do not carry such cable. That I need to buy one myself. I know the box manual shows one, but it is not available anywhere. The cable needs a chipset to transform the digital signal into a analog one. The cheap cable on amazon are a rip off, I bought 2 they don't work

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Community Power User

The Telus Stores are just mobility. They won't have the cables. Try tech support again and see if you can get someone to help or get a tech out.

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@JYD: I can assure you such a cable does exist. I am using one because VIP5662W gives me HDCP error after the firmware update several months ago(not the latest one). It is very likely that the support people(most from Philippines or Guatemala) would never have seen one.  However, most install techs carry them.