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Motorsports Sadly Lacking

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You need to get Fox Sports One/Fox Sports Racing. Several years ago it was possible to find just about any motorsport you wanted on SpeedTV. When that morphed into FS1/FSR you didn't pick these up. I know they are available in Canada on other Cable services and that there must be a huge demand for them. Put it this way: I will be leaving telus just because of the lack of these two channels and going with Eastlink.


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Community Power User
Fox sports one doesn't and never will have distribution rights in Canada. Fox sports racing aka old speed channel was picked up by Rogers and that's it.

The reason no others picked the channel up was economics for a low watched channel. Fox sports racing was asking a huge increase from when it use to be speed.

Do I miss monster jam and some super cross sure. But if X amount subscribe at $3 and doesn't even pay to cover the cost to carry it, it won't happen. Telus is a rather small potato in the TV world for subs compare to Rogers in the East..