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Will my phone work on the TELUS network?

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You’ve purchased a non-TELUS device and you’re likely wondering if it will work on the TELUS network. To confirm compatibility, your device:


1) should be listed as "compatible" via the IMEI checker*

2) is subsidy unlocked. If unsure, contact the originating carrier and/or manufacturer.

3) supports TELUS frequencies. TELUS deploys HSPA: 850/1900 MHz (UMTS); LTE: 700/850/1700 uplink (AWS)/2100 downlink/1900 MHz

4) is not reported lost or stolen. You can check the device IMEI against the National IMEI blacklist*


*Your IMEI is generally printed on the side of the original box or on a white sticker on the device under the battery. IMEI can also be found by entering *#06# into your phone app.


Next, review this following guide on how to program an access point into your phone for cellular data services. 


To find out which SIM card is suitable for your device, please contact the manufacturer or contact us.

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Note: Some phones imported from overseas may not work with the IMEI check above. 


Since some phones have specs listing the 3G and LTE Bands supported in place of frequencies:


GSM: Not supported

3G/HSPA/WCDMA: Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 2 (1900 MHz)

LTE: Band 4 (1700 MHz / 2100 MHz), Band 29 (700 MHz)


Note: There are multiple 700MHz LTE bands and not all devices will work with all of them or any of them. 700MHz frequency is only available in select few areas in Canada. Band 29 (700 d,e) is currently used by Telus / Bell.

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The links provided above are not very helpful for a few reasons:


  1. IMEI checker only works if you KNOW the IMEI. There is no way of searching based on the device model
  2. The Blacklist registry is effectively useless since devices that were stolen typically end up oversees and recycled with spoofed IMEI numbers. The registry is only useful for Canadian phones registered at some point with a Canadian carrier.

There's an ongoing scam going on where phones are sold online or through the usual places like Craigslist, Facebook and Kijiji where the device is reported stolen immediately following the successful completion of the buyer/seller transaction.