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How to unlock your Blackberry OS 10 Device

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Part 1. Getting the IMEI

  • Blackberries are simple to unlock, as long as they’re TELUS Blackberries!
  • To get started you just need the Serial Number (aka IMEI) of the device handy
  • As mentioned by @XL, who showed us “the light”! in one of his posts, all you need to do is dial *#06# from your phone and your devices IMEI code will pop up.


Part 2. Contacting TELUS


  • Next you will want to jot down that number and reach out to our Twitter Super Stars at @TELUSSUPPORT or Dial *611 from your phone and reach out to a TELUS representative with that IMEI code.
  • Once connected go ahead and request an unlock code for your phone.
  • There will be a $50 unlock fee, charged to your account, for the code.


Part 3. Entering the Unlock/MEP Code

  • Once you have the unlock code, simply pop in a SIM Card from another carrier other than TELUS and your device will ask you for the MEP / Unlock Code.
  • The screen should look something like this:


  • Now enter the Unlock Code (MEP code) and you're all set! Easy Cheesy! 
  • Go Crazy! ... well... don't... but you get the idea! 
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