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I'm disappointed in Telus so far

Just Moved In

I was with my previous phone provider for 5+ years, but I liked the deals that Telus had to offer. So I decided to buy the iPhone 12 Pro this Tuesday. I provided all my information over the phone to the agent, and I was told I'd get my tracking information in 24-48 hours. I called back on Thursday after work. The agent entered my email wrong. I spent more than enough time explaining how to spell my email... "a as in alphabet, b as in basketball... etc".


Turns out I can't track my shipment whatsoever, and nobody in Telus is able to provide me any information about my shipment. I don't spend my hard earned money for this to happen.


Quite a disappointing experience for my first time with this company. 



Welcome to Telus.


As you can see, my name starts with "Bill" and that is a nickname for "William".  Most people in the English speaking world know that.  I was in a Telus store and the rep was demanding that I show her ID with the name "Bill" on it That's what I had the phone under, although the name on the account proper was exactly what's on my ID.


I have seen a gradual decline in the standards of service at Telus over the past 20 years or so.  The networks and services have worked fine, in my experience, as long as you don't have to get someone to change something.  It was a mistake to move customer support to another country and they have several failings in Canada too, which they haven't addressed.  These problems aren't easily fixed and have been around for years, it is getting worse.