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Whenever I log in to my email account, I am now prompted to change my password. Has Telus not heard that the guy who wrote the book on passwords (must be more than 8 characters, should include a capital letter, number or special character, should be changed every six months, etc. etc.) has changed his mind and admitted that HE WAS WRONG? Last time I wanted to change my password, I had to call in, wait on hold for a technician, give them this, that and the other information -- and now they want me to change it again? Nope.


I will give Telus credit in one respect, though: their spam filters have improved greatly in the past few years. Thumbs down, though, on the number of phishing emails that pretend to be Telus that do get through their filters.

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I'd love to see the article where he ate THAT Crow!


I've been ignoring those notices for some time, and for the same reasons. Telus does need to implement a better means of changing passwords, eve if to access the password change function requires further authentication.


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