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My experience with Telus today is not a nice one. I was booked for installation of internet and cable today March 10 at 8 to 10 am, I scheduled a day off to be at home for the technician,  waited on the scheduled time but no technician came in, called Telus for st least 5 times after that and was told that the technician was on the way and will be at my place in 30 minutes about 11:30, and after an hour called their office again and was told that I cancelled the installation, and the technician said that she talked to somebody here at my home that I will stay with Shaw which I ve never been with them in the first place and I never cancelled the installation.talked to the manager who doesnt really care , rude and arrogant and went outside to calm down and shout out my frustrations. Outside, I saw a Telus van, and a technician was inside , talked with him and he listened to me very intently, understood my predicament and he made some calls and assured to me of a solution. Thank God , our home cable and internet was installed and completed by the technician at about 4 PM ,the last communication was a text from him of the activation code and the word Enjoy. What a good employee!!!. All my frustration was wiped out by this technician and the not a nice one day ended with a great one. Thank you MR DAVE PARMAR, You are the best employee that any company could ever have, May God bless you and may your tribe increased



Might you be able to expand on your experience?


Which call centers(not office) did you connect to?

TV installs are handled onshore in Canada.

The offshoring for Internet has slowly been moved back to Canada, but during busy times, you may end up with an offshore agent, instead of someone from Alberta or BC, and Eastern Canada.


Perhaps your "cancelled and sticking with Shaw, employee statement", at Telus, saw your many calls(call log appears on their computer screen) and became frustrated themselves, which is not good.

Edit: I assume you were dealing with actual Telus and not one of the independently owned Telus stores.


A tip for anyone: All companies call centers will post notes in the callers files, stating if the caller was rude or frustrated. That is used for the next employee who has to deal with the caller, in order to avoid issues.


Telus TV is IPTV(internet protocol television). You can call it 'cable', but I don't.


Telus does try and strive for showing up at the appointed time, but since not every install is easy(especially with TV installs), there can be times that the schedule is extended.

Maybe the person in the van you talked too, was your installer?



You can always contact Telus, for them to quality control your less than fabulous experience.