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i called in on nov 24, i asked if there was going to be an update to WEB6000Q

girl in phillipines told me it was coming in november as she could see notes on it but was sure it had not been rolled out yet and said she couldnt say when but in november it sais, i figured november had about a week left so i would dig deeper.

i asked to be transfered to canada, waited on hold about 20 mins to get to a level 2 agent in montreal, initially he said he didnt think there would be an update for the extender that quick and that it wouldnt be for a while, then he looked at the notes and he said o yeah and update is supposed to come in november

at this time i clarified what i would have to do to receive the update
1 thing i wanted to note at this point is

the web has manual settings, and it has the option to autoconfigure, however no matter what, if it starts up on a different subnet, it will pull a new ip, i think infact even if its not static on the router and the router desides to change it, it will give the WEB6000Q a new IP and overide the manual settings, even if autoconfigure is not checked

for example i have set for my main router bridged to T1200

extender is

it thinks gateway is

and has subnet of

if i restart plugged into T1200 and dont change settings, it will pull an ip of like and get the default gateway of my t1200

SO what im getting at is, for the update to work, i believe the device has to have the correct settings input manually, so that before it boots up and pulls and ip ,it checks for the update

im also worried maybe the update wont work at all on a bridged setup even if the IP is right, and im woried that even if connected to T1200 the device will still require a reboot and the correct settings.

that guy i spoke to on the 24th said he would call me back the next day with an update

maybe he called me but i was working and he didnt leave a message

i asked him to email if didnt get through, didnt email me, owell.

called today, asked again, spoke with guy in montreal who was not tech support working with a colleage

told me update was rolled out but they cant say where, they also couldnt confirm update FW version

told me

REBOOT ACTIONTEC T1200, REBOOT WEB6000Q, i did this all connected to T1200 with proper ip and default gateway ofcourse

i didnt get the update

but i wanna find out if its actually rolled out and what the FW version is and how to get it,, anyone got it?