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Unable to get any TELUS services in Nolan Hill for over 1 year


I have been living on Nolan Hill Blvd for 1 year.  Nolan Hill is a fibre only community.  I tried getting TELUS service in Oct 2015 when I moved into my place.  It wasn't available at the time.  One year later I'm still unable to get any TELUS services.  According to the availability site fibre is available up to address 689, then skips the 700 - 800 addresses but is available again at 939 and higher.


I live in a townhouse which has a box labeled TELUS on the side and I have the fibre optic cable into my unit.  I am 50 feet away from the FSA box 3143A where I have seen TELUS technicians working.


I can't get an explanation of why I can't get any service when I call in or a time frame of when it will be available.  I find it unacceptable that it has been 1 year and I'm still unable to get any service.  I've tried the website asking for Internet 150 but it says it's not available but Internet 50 is the next best option available to me.  When I call in though I'm told there is no service available at all.


I'm frustrated with the lack of information/answers provided to me.


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That area of Calgary is currently listed as only having partial availability for fiber. Means not all houses have it active yet. The lines may have been run but it's possible everything may not be complete to get them operational. Now if the addresses for all the townhouses are not in the system, it's hard to say why. When you called in, did you call the regular old phone number of the specific toll free one from Telus' fiber website? (1-844-368-7380)


Also, just as a note, when you call in and talk to the sales people, they will only be aware of what's available currrently. Unless the month is announced on the fiber website, they won't have any idea when things will be operational. 

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I've tried a few numbers.  Just called the 1-844-368-7384 number that I got from an email when I registered with .  Talked to someone new there.  Basically there are 96 townhouses they've skipped over.  There are no condo boards or strata to talk with.  It's all with the individual owners.  


The area is listed as partial fibre because it's a newer area with parts still under development.  There is no copper available as it is fibre only.  I can't get an answer though as to why they have skipped all these townhouses that have been built and occupied for a year.  Like I mentioned there is a box on the outside of the units labeled TELUS.  I saw the fibre optic cable when it was being built a year ago.  I have the fibre optic cable into my unit.  When I had Shaw here installing my service he even said that line was for "the other guys" meaning TELUS.


As far as I can tell it's just TELUS not hooking up the units.