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Trees resting on lines serving neighborhood.

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According to Telus trees do not exist. When calling customer service, somewhere in Guatemala, they are clueless as to what it means when we warn them about potential hazards. We recently purchased a property in Central Saanich and are dumbfounded to try to find a way to report this issue. Or. Wait until the trees drop your phone and internet service.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus doesn't usually do tree pruning themselves. 


  1. Are the trees on private property, city property or somewhere else?
  2. Is it just a branch leaning against the line or the whole tree leaning over?
  3. Are you sure it's a Telus line and not another provider?
  4. Are there hydro lines on the same poles? If yes, that will complicate things more as hydro usually has to be involved.

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Years ago it was BC Hydro that did brushing on the lines for joint venture poles. If your power is on the same pole, and if the trees are not on your property, I'd suggest you contact Hydro. There is usually a plate on the pole identifying where it is and if it is joint venture. 


If the lines are threatened by branches on your property, I would think the issue is best addressed by you.