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Support !!!!

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I have had so many problems with Telus and love the word 'Communication!'. We had emails, and phone calls and a technician came out to fix the tv! The communication was awful, one manager, I believe Michele was her name , had no customer experience as far as we are conerned. After the emails and phone call and basically having to keep going to the Telus box we asked for a technician. She said no, see how it works now!!! Great PR.  Anyhow had to phone back and go through this and that again we finally got a technician. Josh was the last representative who did this for us. The technician came and it worked for an hour or so. I phoned him and left a message, no return call!!  So back to Josh and him resetting and us doing things our end. It worked BUT it keeps cutting out again and freezing. Netflik is bad too. 

I keep wondering, do I phone again or quit Telus? 

No one has followed up!!  



Community Power User
Community Power User

I have found keeping a diary of issues (time, data and description) has always helped with providing a technician with the information they need to better troubleshoot a problem.  The more detail they have, the better they are to determine the problem, and to address the frequency of the problem, both of which lead to you getting the quality of signal you expect.


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