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Solved: How to disable the DHCP server on T3200M


Problem: my router is better than the router in the T3200M.  But the T3200M's WiFi is better than my router's WiFi because it supports 5Ghz.


Solution: using the T3200M as an access point.


1) Log in to the T3200M as admin, then navigate to Advanced Setup >> LAN IP Settings. Configure the T3200M with a LAN IP address in the same subnet as your primary router.  My primary router is so I set the T3200M to You can use any valid IP.


2) Configure your computer with a static IP.  I used


3) Connect a network cable between a LAN port of your primary router and a LAN (not WAN) port of your T3200M.


4) Return to the T3200M's LAN IP Settings page.


5) Load the Tamper Data extension for Firefox and click the Start Tamper button.


6) Click the Apply button from within the T3200M's configuration, and then the Tamper button from within Tamper Data.


7) Do not change enblDhcpSrv.


😎 Set dhcpEthStart to and dhcpEthEnd to and press OK.


9) You may now set your computer to use DHCP if you wish, or leave it the way it is.


With an ending IP address less than the beginning IP address, the T3200M's DHCP server fails to run. Wireless clients will be assigned IP addresses by your primary router's DHCP server.



@Mango wrote:

Problem: my router is better than the router in the T3200M.  But the T3200M's WiFi is better than my router's WiFi because it supports 5Ghz.



Please explain or provide an example of why your router is better than T3200M as router.

1) My router can use Dynamic DNS services that are not and


2) My router makes it easy to do port forwarding more securely, either with source IP or pattern matching.


3) My router does not automatically update its firmware (maybe breaking features I want).


4) My router's SIP ALG is configurable.


5) Since my router is Linux-based, I can run shell scripts on it to add features that have not been written yet.


6) My router is not crippled by its firmware and I can use all its features without resorting to hacks.

Thanks for your prompt and succinct explanation.  

Just curious at in what way is the dynamic DNS service valuable considering that Telus blocks all ports.  Thanks in advance.

If that were true, the internet wouldn't work.


I've never had an issue with ports being blocked.  No doubt common ports like 80 are blocked, but I use high/random port numbers so am not affected by that.

Friendly Neighbour

I was able to get 4 Public IPs (DHCP) at the same time without issues from Telus using different ports on my PFSense box. If you don't care to have the T3200M on the same network you could just put a switch between the modem and the WAN ports on your routers. That way you can have your devices on one network and Telus' stuff (TVs and what not) on the other.

To add to the reasons to use your own router over the modem for DHCP handling:


It makes setting up and controlling VPN's much easier. 

Most newer routers have much better processors and more RAM than the cheap modems Canadian ISP's force upon customers. 

A routers firewall are vastly superior to the ones found in modem software.  

It's another roadblock for hackers that compromise your ISP and try to get into users computers through the backdoors in the Modem.

You have total control over your internal network where ISP modems are much more limited by the software and firmware.

The ability to run legacy WiFi when needed, as most ISP's have locked out WEP, which you need to connect some older devices to.

Slightly better performance, both up and down, along with slightly better ping times.  

Since I'm a fibre internet only subscriber why provide another WiFi box in addition to the ONT at all?

I would rather see a lower monthly fee that doesn't have to cover the cost of their WiFi box rental.

The ONT in this case is the replacement for my old cable modem.

The WiFi box adds no real value unless I can turn it into an AP to increase coverage.

Has anyone tried to return it and get a bill credit or lower monthly fee?

Just Moved In

Anyone find an alternative to TamperData for Firefox Quantum or other browser?  TamperData for Quantum doesn't work.


The T3200M web interface really should allow disabling the DHCP server.

Why have the button for "Proceed, I know what I am doing" and then prevent doing what we really want?