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So what did I ever do to you Telus?

Just Moved In

So what did I ever do to you Telus? Over the past few months, I have had a ridiculous number of Telus problems and spent many many hours on the phone with tech people. I have also waited around for tech support. One phone support event was 6 hours for the day and ended with me being without phone, TV and internet for 4 days because of a faulty router box (not to mention that I missed a night with friends to sort the mess out).


Another time, I was told that I could get fibre optic and when the tech support guy came, he said that he didn't know he was coming to do fibre optic & that he was having "bad luck" (his words, I swear) and would rebook and come back. He never did and it was another month before that was resolved. When I had someone come from BC Hydro to check my insulation, they told me that where the Telus wires were put in, it was a mess and that all of the insulation at the edge of the trusses near the Telus wiring was pulled back & left bare so that moisture was building up. He said it was very sloppy.


After each of 6 calls for tech support, the phone calls ended with someone in either the Philippines, Guatemala or Calgary apologizing and telling me that I could have some free movie rentals. So now I get my bill and after taking the fine folks at Telus up on their act of generosity, I have been billed for 13 movies - even though I had been told I had been gifted over 16. Insult added to injury. Which takes me back to my question:

What did I ever do to you Telus?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Liz1 Very sorry to hear about your experience thus far. Our team would love to help. Please reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook and we can gather more information from you and get this resolved.