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Remote capabilities with new 4K boxes

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Hi there,


I'm having TELUS come in and upgrade our set top boxes to the new 4K PVR and 4K wireless set tops. I noticed that these particular models of set top boxes are capable of using bluetooth remotes and IR remotes. Do the TELUS remotes still have to work via IR or are the remotes that they give now with these new boxes working via bluetooth?


Thanks in advance!



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The remote included are IR on the (Arris) 5602 and 5662 for the 4K receivers. But the receiver can work on Bluetooth.





Thanks for the super quick response! That will save me figuring out an IR repeater solution. 🙂

So if the remotes can work via Bluetooth how do you pair the remote to the PVR? And which models of PVR and remote are you referring to?

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Behind the VIP5602W (wireless 4K) and 5662W (4K PVR) is a Bluetooth button. Press the button, then with your Bluetooth remote press any key and it will sync.

If you go menu>settings>remote control, you will see it paired. 





OK but you need your own remote? The Slimline 2 isn't a bluetooth remote.

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Need a remote for the Arris Boxes. But they're reasonably cheap and plentiful online.

Curious why Telus wouldn't provide Bluetooth remotes with the recievers if they are Bluetooth capable.  Any idea if there are plans to upgrade the remotes to BT?

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Cost and consistency most likely. A basic IR remote will be cheaper and if it works across the majority of boxes it means setup and support will be consistent. Telus hasn't hinted at any plans to change to bluetooth remotes so far so it's difficult to say when or if that will happen.

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Are there particular models you can recommend?

I got optik tv 4K service about a month ago. They gave me a technicolor uiw8001 4K pvr. It has the Bluetooth pairing button on the back . I cannot get it to pair at all with the bell slimline 4K remote . I dont even see the remote pair option in the optik tv settings menu. Is this remote settings option still available on the arris 4K pvr? If it is I may ask Telus to exchange my current box

Hi @viperdiablo1!  I don't believe there is a way for the Bell Bluetooth remote to work with the technicolor uiw8001 4K pvr's. I understand that Telus or the manufacturer has disabled the bluetooth functionality on these STBs.  I had my Telus installer swap out the technicolor uiw8001 for the arris 5662 and now the bluetooth remote functionality works out of the box. Getting the bluetooth remote to connect to my TV is a different story due to the Bell Bluetooth remote's lack of input button.  I've asked @WestCoasterBC for assistance 🙂

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Consider it experimental and there is no support using Bluetooth with the receiver. I just dabble to see the limits.

No worries @WestCoasterBC!

I wonder if I could walk into a bell retail store and program my Bell Bluetooth remote to work with my Sony TV. They might have a functioning Bell STB in the store that would get me into the remote control setup menu.

I wonder if that would work once I brought the remote home and tried operating my Sony TV???

Curious what you mean by won’t work with your Sony tv? Are you saying all functions of the remote will not work with the tv? Or is it just specifically the input button not working?

Nothing works on the Sony TV because you can’t program the remote directly from the remote control itself. Instead, you have to program the remote (to work with your particular TV) via the Bell STB menu system.

Thx! Dave.