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Question about attainable line rates and Internet 100

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I have recently moved into an apartment in Prince George, B.C. and I currently have Telus Internet 50. When I was first getting the service installed, I had originally ordered Internet 100, however, the technician ran into some issues with the wiring in my apartment, specifically the wiring leading from the main telephone jack in my unit to the DSL jack in the corner of my unit (I'm in a bachelor suite so it's all one room basically). With the existing wiring my connection was only capable of 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. The technician ran ethernet cable between the two jacks thus replacing the old (and clearly outdated) wiring which enabled my connection to get 50 Mbps, which according to Telus was actually the highest package I could get. While the 50 service is excellent, I'm the kind of person who's always looking to upgrade at every possible chance. So upon looking at the status of my modem (which is the Actiontec V1000H) I found this:

Levels Downstream Upstream

Line Rate: 71712 Kbps 12287 Kbps

Attainable Line Rate: 127040 Kbps 31545 Kbps

SNR: 15 dB 10 dB

Attenuation: 0.0 dB 0.0 dB

Power: 14.4 dBm -11.8 dBm

I'm no expert when it comes to this type of thing, but it seems as though with the new wiring in my unit, I am now capable of the Internet 100 speeds, as 127040 Kbps Downstream and 31545 Kbps Upstream translates to 127.04 Mbps down and 31.54 Mbps up respectively. My modem also states that my connection is VDSL as stated here:

Broadband Mode Setting: MULTIMODE

Broadband Negotiated Mode: VDSL2 - 17A

So given all of this, am I actually able to upgrade to Internet 100 or is this a Fiber-only thing? Whether or not my connection is bonded, I'm not sure, but is it possible to achieve these speeds on copper? Hopefully this is enough information, and any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

100Mbps service is offered on Fibre, and if the planets align, on bonded copper. There are a number of factors allowing the installation of 100 Mbps service which need to be met.

That said, the only thing I found benefit from in going from 15 to 100 Mbps was the speedier download of El Capitan. Most other stuff can't be delivered to me much faster than before, so i'm not really seeing much benefit from the higher speeds on a day-to-day basis.

From a previous thread

"That being said, the 100 Mbps connection is blazing fast on TELUS Fibre and works well on bonded copper, too (in select areas where it is offered)."

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