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Power consumption of 5G internet? My BC Hydro bill has gone way up

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

To clarify....

  • which 5G modem do you have?
  • what is your latest bill?  What were your previous bills?
  • it's the summer.... do you use your air conditioner more?  I had a recently had a refrigerator go bad... it added a few dollars to my monthly bill.
  • do you have an electrical consumption device that tracks your energy consumption for each device in the house?

Community Power User
Community Power User

A modem/router consumes very little in terms of power consumption. 2.4 or 5ghz it makes no difference. The device itself consumes very little power. If you notice a massive spike in your hydro consumption. I strongly suggest you log into your BC hydro account and view your consumption. The graph charts the last 7 days for kWh usage. Or you can view usage hourly.. Keep in mind the charts are delayed 24 hours.


Being a heatwave is going in most of the province any appliance like an A/C or Fan will be the culprit. Also if you fall into step 2 rates the prices increase as well. Your increase in demand will not have anything to do with Telus.


If you have a digital meter (which you should in BC since they changed analog ones out) you can have it tested at your expense to verify if it's accurate. But if you want to go that route you should be documenting every ounce you consume yourself and keeping a detailed log. Chances are consumption is up from something you're using in your household (not a telus device).

Community Power User
Community Power User
The maximum consumption of the device is written on the plug. For instance, the Actiontec T3200M consumes a maximum of 36 watts. The plug is rated to consume 1Amp (about 120 watts). The difference being losses in the transformer.

It is no real difference from past devices you may have had. The total consumption for the month would be less than 10 Kw, costing about a dollar.
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