Optik wireless => Laptop? Ipad?


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Now that I have Optik Wireless installed to watch TV around the home.  Is it possible to watch my PVR news recordings on my iPad or laptops?  Or am I limited to cable boxes?




Unfortunately there is no application available for watching your recordings remotely.  Although, I am sure TELUS has something in the works. There is a Optik-on-the-go application, which provides Optik content remotely on supported devices. Check out - http://www.telus.com/tv/apps/optik-on-the-go/ for further information regarding this application and other applications available to their customers with Optik services.

xl CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Thanks for the clarification.


Looking at the channels in Vancouver for Optik on the Go.  I'm glad we have GlobalTV, why have we excluded my second fav channel..... CTV?