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Odd 5Ghz Bandwidth Issue


ok, i have had such trouble with this bandwidth issue ever since i got this connection with telus in october 2014 and in my mind its unexplainable

i pay for 50/10

i get 56/12

i use very basic FQ_CoDel QOS on Edgemax Platform and i get about 55.8/11.7

i also own actiontec WEB6000Q which has a quantenna chip and with this chip i get a very consistent 55.5/11.5 in my entire apartment over 5GHZ

i used to own another R7000, it had broken antenna from poor handling in moving, i fixed the antenna and when i had a connection with shaw it worked great and i always got full speed, however i was never 100% sure my antenna fix was as good as the original, however i was actually confident it was because iperf showed 550+ wheras before the fix it showed much less

when i got this telus connection right away with my R7000 it would give me 55/11.5 for like on speed test, then every test after that give me 40/11 no matter what i do

this issue of getting 40/11 when using R7000 (happens running any firmware) behind my EdgeRouterLite on Telus DSL does not go away

I BOUGHT A NEW R7000, to fix this issue and because i wanted a newer hardware version

problem still exists

seems the only time i have gotten 55/11 is before ipv6 is up.... any way this could be related??

i have only use my new R7000 for 2.4 and using my web6000Q for 5GHz for the last 4 months

im fairly sure im getting the bandwidth when multiple streams are used but i think the issue is with a single stream and it annoys me so much speedtest consistently shows 40mbit