No Connection on Telus provided Laptop but on all other Devices


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Hi there, 


I received the HP Laptop as incentive to sign a contract with telus. I have problems all the time with connecting said laptop. All other devices (tables, phones, laptops) continue to connect uninturupted but the laptop I got from Telus wont stay connected or rather cuts in and out frequently from my Telus wireless internet. 

I have tried it all... restarting, restarting wireless on laptop and modem, I have even disconnected my optic tv in hopes it would work and I got nothing....

Is there anything I can do to fix this??? Please help!?

xl CPU Alum
CPU Alum
Things to test....
-what happens if you are in the same room as the router?
-what happens if you use the laptop at a restaurant wifi?

same room I am not sure but it works great and doesnt drop any other connections I have had it out for coffee and at work for the day with no issue.

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That it works well in locations other than your house suggests it is not the laptop, but something in the house.


You may be seeing interruptions from surrounding WiFi connections. If neighbouring WiFi is on the same channel as yours, the interference may be degrading you signal. Lots of info on the internet about setting up routers to best advantage.



If it works when close to the router, but not when you move away, it suggests an attenuation issue (the signal does get weaker as you move from it). You could learn where the computer works best, and use it there, you could move your router to a more central location, you could create a directional antenna by making a signal reflector or you could add a wireless access point to extend your range.



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