Is the 150Mbps available on bonded VDSL if the line rates will permit it?


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I have pretty good SNR at the moment and would love to upgrade from the 100/20 plan if it were available, but from what I've read the plan is only available for FTTH customers. My line rates are similar for both pairs.

Levels                                 Downstream                   Upstream

Line Rate:                            67581 Kbps                     17920 Kbps

Attainable Line Rate:           95974 Kbps                     55497 Kbps

SNR:                                               8 dB                    19 dB

Attenuation: (DS1)4.1, (DS2)10.1, (DS3)17.1 dB (US1)2.8, (US2)9.8, (US3)13.6 dB

Power: 4.7 dBm -10.5 dBm

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Community Power User

150 is being offered as a soft launch on fiber only at this time. In the future there is a possibility it will extend to eligible VDSL connections.

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Thank you for the response. I am always looking for more speed.