Is SW Calgary (particularly Shawnessy / Millrise) having connection issues for the last few weeks?


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Friendly Neighbour

I've been a customer of Telus for about 3 years now, really haven't had any connection issues like I did with "that other company" with random disconnects - but I'd say the last 3-4 weeks have been annoying. When trying to stream movies on netflix or google play it all of a sudden stops and starts buffering.

I try loading a website when that happens and it just says either "connecting..." at the bottom of the browser , or "resolving host..." then proceeds to say no internet connection - after about 15-20 seconds it rectifies itself, but when trying to binge watch a TV show and 2-3 times in a 45 minute episode it needs to buffer because the internet randomly decides to not work, it gets annoying.

Further more, online gaming I have the same issue, I'll be playing a counter strike match or running a dungeon in warcraft (yeah , I'm a nerd, deal with it Smiley Wink ) I'll get a random disconnect , so kicking me out of the match / dungeon I was in. Very , VERY frustrating. Again after about 15-20 seconds it usually "fixes itself" , but I shouldn't be having these issues.

Please let me know if there is a known issue, and when we can expect this to be resolved.


edit: I'll add, I have reset my modem, my router, all devices (chromecast, PC's, tablets, phones, etc) and nothing is resolving this issue with any consistency. 

(Ironically just had a disconnect issue while doing an edit on this post... glad I "ctrl+C" everything before I click "save" or "post")