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I think I'm done, increased pricing, no service


I give up. 90 minutes on hold. No option for a call back. I just wanted to talk to someone in a foreign country about my options with Telus.


Shaw has their new BlueSky (Comcast X1) service that looks good at a very good rate. Guaranteed price for 2-years (Telus raised my TV rates 32% and TV by 14% in the first 2-years after I switched to Telus).


It just gets to a point that you throw in the towel. I've reached that point.


I'll report back how the switch went and how the service is. 



I'm there too. Tried to call Telus 3 times last week on a billing issue. Waited 2 hours on hold each time and then gave up. No call back option. Tried chat online and each time over 50 people ahead of me. Tried support on twitter nobody responded. I already cut back my TV subscription to essentials due to continuous price increases for TV channels that continually repeat shows that are over 3-4 years old. I'm fed up.

I did a test tonight to determine if I was being at all unfair to TELUS and phoned SHAW. I selected the same selection as I did TELUS (Existing customer, billing/account support). I used a friends home number as my account. I didn't want to select "I'm a new customer that wants to sign up" as I thought that might make me jump the line.


Then I waited, and waited. I had to wait for a full 3 minutes before I was speaking to alive person, located in Canada, and was able to understand clearly.


Hey TELUS, if SHAW can do it, why not you.


Yes, I know this is a community forum, and not monitored by TELUS, but how else am I expected to give feedback to TELUS? They won't answer the phone after all.

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I have the same issues. Also, my cable goes down randomly on such a regular basis I am so disgusted with never being able to talk to a person who has a clue about service. I'm done with Telus. The only way to get their attention is to not pay my bill so that's my next step

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Community Power User
If you contact them before 9am you will be most successful. After the call volumes increase more and more throughout the day.

If having an issue with your service schedule a service call if they can't diagnose your issue over the phone..

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You would think that if they constantly have high call volumes after 9 am, they would adjust their staff accordingly (especially when it's 8 am in India when I tried to call them). I've tried calling Telus one more time as a one last chance. Again I hung after a 90-minute wait.


I feel this shows a blatant disrespect for their customers, but I get it, Focus (at least in the short term) on shareholder profits.


I set up my new e-mail yesterday (Microsoft, so it's not tied to any one provider) and sent out change of address notifications to the 30 or so people I want to have my new e-mail. It will be nice to start fresh. No spam for a while.


(PS, Just called Shaw with a question about how many simultaneous streams and the person located in Canada answered in under 2-minutes.).



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This is my experience..... Telus phoned , stated my pvr was old and they should replace... sounds good..

They sent service rep who would arrive anytime between 9 and noon... he arrived and the box he tried was not compatible with my denon amplifier which is less than 2 years old.. suggested i phone denon to have them reset... (wasn't happening)

he tried another box that was compatible..and replaced the modem as well. . end of story noooo...

I discovered  after he left that none of the wireless connections worked as he had not checked any of them or reconnected them that included 2 ipads, wireless printer , bose wave radio and had not properly set up pvr.  ... he did not even bother taking the transformer from the old modem... it was left on the floor.. 


Last night I found that the new pvr was not recording as it "was not part of the network"


To save time and hassle I thought we could try a remote check via chat... logged on at 12;25 am logged out without it being repaired at 1:28 am .. phoned telus this am at around 8:15 waited on phone to talk to rep. 20 min... was transferred to loyalty-- wait 10 min.

loyalty tried to placate but i asked for supervisor who finally called --wait 15 minutes... problem reluctantly resolved with a 40 dollar per month credit for one year... we will wait to see if it actually materializes...

The point is I am a Telus shareholder...

They headline their website with aSERVICE PROMISE  yet break all of those promises by having a client of very long standing waiting for literally hours to fix what should have been a very simple  thing and  to top it all off -- was instigated by by Telus..

Sure I appreciate the 40 dollars per month.. but time is valuable and my total cost in lost waiting time, frayed nerves and outright disappointment foisted on a long time shareholder and customer is deeply troubling and far outweighs the hassle.  How can I as a shareholder expect this equity to do well if this is typical of the experience of their customers... Shaw is starting to look very appealing. (also check your bills as Telus  arbitrarily reduced their bundling credit from 5 dollars a month to 3 dollars per month)

To say I am not happy would be an understatement... it is a shame that a client has to go through what I experienced and what looks like many others are experiencing when there is no need.. I fear for the future of my investment.

anyone who has issues just email the in most cases they will assign you an executive team member to take care of your issues.  If you are shareholder, mention that too.  It may take a day or two for them to get back to you but it is worth it.  you just deal with one person and they will give you a direct number. 


on a side note, I just saw the rates are going up another $3 for certain internet plans.