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How do I get Telus to respond to me?

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Telus installed a fibre optic cable into my home in November 2016. The person who installed the cable drilled through my toilet's plumbing and my toilet started plugging every three months until I hired a specialist plumber to figure out what the problem was. I have emailed Telus and they told me that they would get back to me but this was Oct 31st and I have heard nothing despite 2 further emails and about 3 phone messages. I have had a contractor come and give me an estimate of the cost to repair this but I cannot proceed until I hear from Telus. There is mold in along the toilet line and I am unable to use the toilet involved. 


Any feedback about how to get in touch with someone that can help me would be appreciated. 





Community Power User
Community Power User

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can escalate your issue here. However, were it my house, I would be fully documenting the issue with photos and statement of your plumber, effecting a repair, and making a claim later. I would also send a Registered Letter to Telus Corporate Office documenting your claim.

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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Renee10 Our social media support team can look into this for you. 

You can reach out via Twitter or Facebook, and they should be able to assist. 

Have a great day!