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Fiber really soon! :P

Just had the past two days, two purple shirt telus reps coming down the street! one was down the street then up the next one, i was riding my bike about 6pm last night in the Surrey, BC area. most of the area is now currently available if you have telus. are speed are up to 150mbps like shaw is now.

he also said in coming weeks or a few months this whole are will be done! Yeah my house will have fast speed and better reliable connections! 😛


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Awesome.. 🙂

That's exciting! But beware of the door to door sales guys who come to promote the fibre. They may say your area is ready for a switch of technology but in reality Telus is behind on the project in many areas, despite their "system" saying its ready. I had a sales guy come to my door 3 months early trying to sell a fibre package and book an install. Its probably a good idea to check yourself that fibre has been run to your telephone box before going ahead with an install and risk wasting your time like I did.

ya, tho it been lade in the ground for 3 years almost since fall 2013 by Dixon networks in Detla, BC

there was two sales people tho mostly, every area was upgraded tho not my side of the street!

the rep said in the coming weeks, they come around 5 to 6pm in the evening to ask peopel tho. hopefully by mid september as i am getting more money then!...

plus like this artile they are in a battle. its also say their speeding upgrading fiber! 😛


lol telus vs shaw.png


It's hardly a battle when 150 Mbps Down / 150 Mbps Up vs 150 Mbps Down vs 15 Mbps up. I can remember 15 Mbps Up in the early 2000s. Node saturation and performance drops at peak hours is a major issue at the competition still to this day. It's one thing to sell something and another thing to deliver on a consistent basis.