Derived Voice Message Waiting Indicator

Just Moved In

Having issues with my Telus voicemail message waiting indicator on the derived voice (voip) service. When we migrated all services to purefiber the voicemail indicator on all of our phones didn't work when messages were recorded. Called tech support and they were able to get the stuttered dial tone working when you picked up the phone. The message waiting indicator light works on our older Panasonic cordless phone but not on our Northern Telecom/Aastra/Mitel 9316CW or M9009 telephone sets.Called again to tech support to see if there are different options in software for the message waiting to work but they claimed they have done all they can. At this point unsure whether this is a hardware/software issue. Only option at this point is to move our voice line back to copper as all features worked without issues. Also if you go out shopping for new cordless phones it is hard to find one that has the visual message waiting indicator. You have to pick up the phone and check the display to see if there is a new voicemail message on the screen.