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I had been receiving a lot of calls from private/unknown numbers lately, some telemarketers, some scammers, some computers, some blank air calls. So I decided to get the Caller Reveal feature added to my home phone to stop these. Every morning at just before 8am I get woken up by a call from an unknown number who leaves a blank air message on my voice mail. I have called telus 3 times to see why this is happening, and I have double checked to make sure the feature is turned on, but I am still receiving these calls. Now instead of being mad at the unknown callers when they call my anger is being directed at telus for offering a feature that is not working when they say it should be. I am feeling so frustrated that if the calls continue to get through I will cancel my home phone and just go get a cell phone with a different company. I also pay extra monthly to have my number unlisted....

Please help me understand why this isn't working
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Unlisting your number will do nothing. Most are autodialers that dial every number they possibly can. Normally if they think your number is a business they won't call but that means you need to get a human on the line. If you sign up for contests or draws and provide your home number, the calls usually increase. Last time I was at the home and garden show and put my number in for contests, within a week I went from 1 telemarketer call every 3 or 4 days to 5 a day. Most spoof the number they are calling from to get around any blocking features but after I talked to enough human telemarketers that called and said it was a business number (they aren't going to verify), the number of calls dropped back to the original number. Some businesses may sell your number also but if it's in the phone book, too late.


As for Call Reveal, it's not foolproof. If you call into Telus they can usually confirm if it's turned on/working. If you have call display, dialing *77 should stop most blocked callers and most callers without numbers displayed. It may block some cell calls that don't show their numbers either. Unknown callers on occasion may get through. That's all I usually do on mine and I rarely get telemarketers. It also helps that I've told any human ones that call they've reached a business number and they don't end up reselling my phone number other telemarketers.

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