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Hello Keith,


I appreciate your quick response.


We really appreciate your feedback with regard to our new Tv packages pricing and offers, What I suggest, is to submit this to Telus Neighborhood it our website, where customers can share their ideas or problems. Other customers and of course, Telus Employees and Developers are monitoring this website as well to gather new ideas and get customer feedback. Once you click on the hyperlink, it should route you to the page when you can share your ideas. Just click on "Add a new Idea" and copy and paste this exact email. One of the developers or telus employee will surely review your suggestions, and implement it for us.



For more question and inquiries, you may also contact us directly using the contact details we have provided on our previous e-mail response.



Have a  great day Keith,


Best regards,
E.Care Specialist



Original Message Follows: ------------------------


To: "'EM Contact Us'"

Subject: RE: TELUS Home Service Case ID:26452315 (KMM70444543V168L0KM)

Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 12:45:16 -0600



Thank You for taking the Time to reply back to me. However you know something that I don’t. Yes after a couple of phone calls and over 120 mins of waiting time, I was able to get Supervision & Loyalty to agree to keep my old packages. However it was a hard fight to do so. So you are not totally correct in your info. Plus We are still arguing over the price I was quoted when I ordered Telus as it is not recorded at the same prices I have written down, and also the credits I was promised are now up in the air. So the people whom I am dealing with are not including all of the info of the calls when I ask about my services.

I am still waiting for a call back from a Diane in Loyalty as she is waiting for some computer process to finish before we can try and finalize what Telus promised me before and what I am actually going to get.

So when I first tried to change packages as we were really rushed to come up with packages when I first placed the order. I was told that I had to switch to the new packages. I told the person that was not going to happen as I AM NOT GOING TO BE FORCED TO TAKE A PACKAGE I DON’T WANT. Like Netflix or CRAVE I don’t WANT. So after a 15 min wait she came back and said that I would have be able to keep my packages this one time as her supervisor ok’d this move but normally this would not happen. However she couldn’t do anything until Sat. Now we talked for over an hour on Saturday as she tried to sort out why I never received any price confirmations and the fact that the notes were very poor. So in the end she was able to try to change packages but I had to talk to Loyalty to discuss pricing which is still ongoing.


But more to the point, These NEW Packages are TOTALLY UNFAIR, IT IS WRONG OF TELUS TO FORCE PEOPLE TO TAKE A PACKAGE THAT THEY DON’ T WANT, I DON'T WANT CRAVE OR NETFLIX. If I would have been forced to take the NEW packages I would have just left Telus and gone back to Shaw. As SHAW DOSEN”T FORCE PEOPLE TO TAKE PACKAGES THEY DON”T WANT. They don’t have the TV quality of TELUS and that is the only reason I am at Telus. As Telus Home Phone Price is TERRIBLE, Shaw $9 for 5 features, Telus $20 for 1 feature. Shaw internet $300 Speed Internet for $50 a month , Telus $85 for 50 speed.


So be careful what you assume when you read the notes, as we are still not confirmed to be Telus customers yet. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can have this resolved. But so far not looking good, as the packages I was told were now changed have not been changed, the Telus Loyalty dept still has not called back  from 11:30 am this Saturday morning, to work out what my prices and credits will be versus what I was promised when I signed on to move.

Now to be straight forward with you, this whole Move to Telus has not gone well at all. But at NO TIME did I ever raise my voice or yell or treat any of the people poorly. Although I may come off a little sharp in my writing, there is no need to treat anybody poorly or by being belligerent, it is their job to listen to our concerns and do the best that Telus will let them do. Which at looking how they are gouging people in these new packages, that may not be much anymore. But THIS FORCING PEOPLE TO TAKE A PREMIUM PACKAGE and SPLITTING THE SPORTS UP IS VERY MADDENING AND TOTALLY NOT FAIR.  If I can't get this pricing and credit and packages issues straighten out by Sunday night we will just go back to Shaw. Their TV is not Telus Quality but I get a lot more channels for the money, better internet for cheaper and better home phone for considerably cheaper.


Keith Davidson


From: EM Contact Us <>

Sent: May 18, 2019 11:23 AM


Subject: TELUS Home Service Case ID:26452315 (KMM70444543V168L0KM)


Hello Keith,


We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. This is Pamela it will be my pleasure to assist you today. I hope that my e-mail finds you well. Thank you for sharing your time and informing us about your concern.



I understand your concern regarding with the packages. To help you with this, I have check the account and it shows that you already advised everything will be remain on your current order and you are not automatically switched over to the new packages. And if theres any changes they will get in touch with you.


We hope you understand that we are committed to delivering the best service every day and will continue to offer great content to meet your needs. You’re welcome to provide your comments to our TELUS Ideas. TELUS employees read/respond to everything posted there.


For further inquiries, I highly suggest that you to reach our support chat department as this is the most convenient way of communicating with you, Kindly click the link I have provided below and our chat agents will be happy to help you with your account inquiries.


Via Chat:


Alternatively, you may also reach them by calling our Collect Call Hotline at 00-1-604-549-3202 or 0-1-604-549-3202.



Have a great day Keith,



Best regards,



E.Care Specialist




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Why start a whole new post when you already have a discussion going that you started? This post here is not an idea and should have just been continued in your original discussion.