Telus mail servers still does not use secured transmission

Why is it that by now in mid-2017, Telus mail servers still do not support SSL/TLS for password and e-mail transmission with mail clients for SMTP, POP-3 and IMAP? This is completely inexcuseable at this day and age of privacy and security. Telus is already charging an arm and a leg for broadband services and you still do not support something as basic as secured transmission of passwords during POP-3 and IMAP mail server connections and mail transmission? Unbelievable and unacceptable. Keep in mind that there are countless users on mail clients and they are frequently using connections that may be public and unencrypted. Telus' complete disregard for basic privacy and security in password and e-mail transmission when mail clients are used shows that Telus is not at all serious about basic data security when users are using mobile devices / laptop computers in many different settings and connections that have security risks / data intercept and collection concerns. This isn't the 1990s anymore. Telus needs to bring its basic e-mail security to the minimum industry wide basic level that can be expected at this day and age.
Status: New Idea

TELUS has supported secure email transport on a number of ports.   The latest guides on the support web site indicate SSL is supported for IMAP and SMTP.