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I think that TELUS should switch its e-mail services over to Google. With Google (Gmail) we would have a lot more features then we do now with TELUS's Webmail, we would also be able to easily sync all of our mail, contacts, and calendar events to our smart phones, tablets, and computers. With Google we would even get unlimited cloud storage with Google Drive which is a big bonus for those who like cloud storage. Also with Google we would even get Google+, Docs, YouTube, Google Play, and lots more services that Google has to offer.

Community Power User
Community Power User

A person has a choice what email service to use. Why you would use telus webmail in the first place is beyond me. If you ever leave a provider you loose your email.

Want gmail make it your primary email provider. Simple..


@MsMiaSollis, I agree with all your reasons for using Gmail. However I don't think TELUS should replace their mail service with Gmail. Firstly, there will be a cost to TELUS for using Gmail which will ultimately be passed on to us, the customers. Gmail is free for individuals but businesses have to pay to use it. Secondly, customers already have the choice to use Gmail for free as @WestCoasterBC pointed out so we gain nothing by having TELUS move to it.