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Just Moved In
Status: Closed

I've had issues with the Pik TV iPhone app when I have to pause the show I'm watching. When I come back, it sometimes glitches out and closes the show. When I go to reopen, it has started all the way at the beginning of the episode and there is no way to skip forward. Right now I got 40 minutes into a show and had to start over. I now need to let the episode play in the background for 40 minutes before I can pick up where I left off.


Besides helping with a glitch, this would also be helpful when you have watched part of a show elsewhere and want to jump into the middle of the episode.


I understand Telus wants the commercials to be unskippable, but you need to be able to jump forward in an episode.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Some broadcasters actually restrict the ability to skip forward for on demand content. The major networks (CTV, Global etc) are bad for that. When I watch Discovery on demand I can easily fast forward through their shows. There may be other networks that allow skipping ahead as well.

Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@laurelrad Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. To top up on @Nighthawk's comment - functionality available depends on the type of content you are watching.


On Pik TV

Live programming: Rewind, Fast Forward and Pause is not available.


TV shows on demand: You can pause, fast forward or rewind On Demand TV content, but these features may be disabled on select programming by the provider.


Movies on demand (i.e Movies available through Crave on Demand): You can rewind, pause , or fast forward.


Pausing live programming won't be coming to Pik TV, thus this idea will be closed. However, it is a feature available on our Optik TV - with the Optik TV PVR, it will automatically save the live program you are watching for up to 90 mins, allowing you to pause, rewind, and fast forward. To learn more, click here.