Loyalty Pricing Program

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TELUS should implement a Loyalty Pricing program for internet & TV customers that have completed their contractors. Rather than renewing a contract that is designed to attract new customers, low prices in the first term and higher in the second term, a Loyalty contract would be designed to hold their loyal customers. The pricing of the monthly services could be close to, or slightly less than the monthly average price of a 2 year New Customer contract (less is better). As a long term customer, I do not like the low and high terms of the New Customer contract. I would like to see a 2 year contract with a fixed price per month.

Status: New Idea
Just Moved In

Does Telus have Loyalty promotional department like Bell?  Every year right before my contract ends for home phone/TV/internet comes along I call the Loyalty department to get new promotional pricing; otherwise my bill is increased to, at least, $75 extra than promotional pricing.