Improved prepaid add-ons

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Dear Telus,


It would be really great if Telus could improve their prepaid services by creating a few new 30-day add-ons.  Two new add-ons that would definitely appeal to me would be:


1.  I would really like to be able to buy a long distance add-on (for a reasonable fee, of course) that gives me the ability to have some number of calling minutes per 30 days to anywhere in the US and Canada, without the $0.50 per minute charge (with the $0.50 charge kicking in after the add-on minutes are used).


2.  Also, it would be a great idea if prepaid customers could have access to US and international roaming add-ons for travel.  Telus could provide something similar to the travel passes available to postpaid customers and offer 30-day voice, text, and data passes for prepaid customers.  The prices could vary depending on country visited and amount of service provided.


Thank you for consideration of these ideas.  They would make my experience as a Telus prepaid customer (iPhone 5) much richer.




Status: Requires Evaluation
Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Requires Evaluation