Home voicemail box text to mobile notification

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Each time somebody leaves a voicemail message on your home phone voicemail box a text message would be sent to your mobile phone to alert you that you have a message waiting on your home phone

Status: Completed

This is the home phone service we miss most. With Shaw, they could send your voicemail message to you by email attachment. Was extremely helpful when away from home. C'mon Telus, get with it!

Community Manager
Community Manager


Thanks for sharing your great idea! This has been included in our recent voicemail software update.


When a new message is left, you will receive a voice mail notification letting you know a new message is waiting. Depending on your phone, location and coverage area, you may receive a Message Waiting Indicator or Text Messaging Notification.


We are rolling out the update in waves. If you haven't received it yet, you should soon. 

Status changed to: Completed