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Status: Under Review

Please add Authenticator (Google, Lastpass, etc) as an option to login to our accounts.  This is a pretty important thing since a lot of our lives are tied to these numbers\accounts.... I mean SMS passcode perhaps as well, but really thats not very secure

Status changed to: Under Review
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@SteveMcNiven Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. Thanks for your idea submission. I'v forwarded your idea to our team for assessment, willl let you know once I learn more 🙂 

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important security feature that should be available.

2FA is an added security to prevent hacking into accounts.

Please provide this extra level of security.

Thank you,



Agreed, As a IT admin and I use my Telus phone for other website or IoT SMS two factor. Telus really need to secure the MyTelus web portal or use a SAML provider eg Apple, Google, Microsoft or Facebook.


Need this feature asap. Just relying on a password for account security in this day and age is ridiculous. 

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Dear Telus,

First request Feb. 2019. Today, it is Jan. 2022. What is the delay about? We need 2FA now to stay safe!

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Telus is my security weak spot because they do not offer 2FA and my phone number is often used as a 2FA backup for other services. It's such a big flaw that I'm considering moving to another provider. Also, their password policy is archaic, it's becoming clear that Telus doesn't value or understand security