Add 2 Factor (2FA)\2-Step Verification to account logins

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Please add Authenticator (Google, Lastpass, etc) as an option to login to our accounts.  This is a pretty important thing since a lot of our lives are tied to these numbers\accounts.... I mean SMS passcode perhaps as well, but really thats not very secure

Status: Under Review
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Neighbourhood Alum

@SteveMcNiven Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. Thanks for your idea submission. I'v forwarded your idea to our team for assessment, willl let you know once I learn more 🙂 

Status changed to: Under Review
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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important security feature that should be available.

2FA is an added security to prevent hacking into accounts.

Please provide this extra level of security.

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Agreed, As a IT admin and I use my Telus phone for other website or IoT SMS two factor. Telus really need to secure the MyTelus web portal or use a SAML provider eg Apple, Google, Microsoft or Facebook.