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Video Upload Limit??


Why is there a monthly video upload limit of 3000? 3000 is a large number but not if you have 2 or more cameras. I know I can still record to my SVR but that's onsite and not particularly useful if thieves are involved. 


Just Moved In

This limit is most likely in place to save them storage on their systems. I don't personally have a SVR system from them but I was told by the technician who installed my system that if you run out of monthly clips you can call TELUS and they will increase the amount I have had to do this once with my 3 camera set-up they upgrade me to 8000 clips/month at no extra charge and I didn't run out out of clips since then.

Telus allowed you to set up a svr on a residential account? I have been trying really hard to get one added but they say they don't offer it for residential accounts