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Home security recommendations - Telus, ADT, DIY?

Just Moved In
Hi, looking for your input on a home security system. Looking to install doorbell cameras, smart locks, and some exterior garage cameras. I’ve leaning toward Telus smart home at a price point of around $60 per month. Also looked into Wyze cameras and would like to hear from you if you’ve done a similar DIY setup

Main things I’d like to know more about:

Integration between doorbell cameras and locks (ex. I am notified of a visitor and am able to seamlessly unlock the door for them) if I were to do it myself

If I go the Telus route, do I own the equipment after the 2 year monitoring contract is up? Will the systems still function without a subscription to their service?

How easy would it be to install security cameras and smart locks etc myself? Is there hard wiring or drilling required as I assume all components need power?

Thanks for your feedback 🙂



I went with the Ring Alarm and self-monitor it through the app (pay $5/month to store my video footage - monitored is $15/month, I think). I had a Ring Doorbell 2 already so it was an easy transition. The support is awesome from Ring (I had a contact sensor replaced by them because it was dying too quickly). Batteries in the contact sensors are watch batters (CR2032 I think). Can recall what's in the motion sensors but I think it's AAA or AA. I paid around $500 for my setup which includes the alarm, an extender, 8 contact sensors, 3 motion detectors and 2 alarm panels. I found the Ring system to be cheaper and without significant difference to the Telus setup. I also separately have a wifi enabled garage door and smart home lock with integration through Apple HomeKit. 


I'm not sure how it's going to work in Canada because Telus owns ADT now, but in the US ADT is working with Google on some sort of integration as a replacement for Nest Secure (which Google shut down last year).