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Door to door sales

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I signed up for home security service and mobile service via door to door agent last September. He made an interesting offer to me and then when I received the bill this month, I noticed that the amount he offered and the bill were different. He offered me $47 a month (tax included) home security service and $40 a month each line (tax included and I have 2 lines) mobile service, but I got a higher bill. Fortunately, I had the agent's phone number, so I checked with him again, and his reply was that the mobile service didn't apply to the promotion, so I got a higher bill, and he didn't know what happen the home security service bill, so he would send me a revised bill after checking. But he hasn't been answering my contact since. So I asked the customer center and got a reply that the amount provided to me by that door-to-door agent could not be applied. Looking at the posts on the forum here, there are many other victims like me and I'm really wonderin



Yup, had a similar experience. For mobile service with Koodo's, I saw an activation fee of $60 added onto the first bill. Right away I contacted Koodo's and without raising my voice at the agent..I clearly explained the situation and eventually got it waived. As for the Home Security service, the door to door guy said that it will cost me only $15 per month for the service that I signed up for the next 3 years. When I got my first was $20 and not $15 as indicated. I contacted Telus customer service and again without raising my voice, explained the situation. I actually said that I was going to cancel the Home Security service since it was still less than 30 days. Eventually I was able to get the monthly rate of $15. So guys, do your homework and ask questions. These door to door sales folks just want there commission or sales quota. They will promise you stuff and you will get surprised when you get your first bills. I recommend you get there number and to take a picture of the sales person and there identification card. So that if you decide to complain you have the name, number and photo of the door to door person.