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Pik TV on Telus Rural Internet


Hi all,


So my scenario is, at home, I have telus purefibre and pik tv.  I'm now considering getting Telus rural LTE internet for our stationary camping trailer.  (confirmed the location has coverage.).  My question is, if I take a google tv installed with the pik tv app to our trailer, would pik TV work, and more importantly, would it count bandwidth against the LTE internet?  My guess is yes, but would be nice to get this confirmed.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you know if rural LTE is even available in the area where your trailer is? It's only available in certain areas depending on the nearby towers and the available bandwidth and/or if there is fibre optic connected to the tower. Just because a tower has LTE doesn't mean it'll support rural internet. If you can even get it to work, PikTV would absolutely count towards LTE data along with any other data the Chromecast with Google TV decides to download or upload. Pik is not officially supported on rural LTE internet using one of the LTE hotspots from Telus. It might work but there is no absolute guarantee. Plus if the connection speed isn't fast enough it may have issues. 


Now if you had a beefy dataplan on your phone, and fast enough LTE speed at the trailer, you could turn your phone into a hotspot and have the Chromecast connect to it. In theory that could work but no guarantees. I'd say test that out before trying the rural LTE internet. Keep in mind high def video can eat the data pretty fast.

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