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I need an agent from Telus to check my pik tv box connection

Just Moved In
Could a representative of Telus please follow up with a phone call or email concerning my pik tv box connection...the little blue light is not channels???


@WA  We are customers only on this site. You will have to use chat or call in and they can troubleshoot it for you. Have you rebooted the unit. You must have internet make sure it's ok and check all connections. Polecat

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @WA 


As polecat mentioned, you'll want to check your connections and reboot your box. Call centre and troubleshooting agents will help walk you through the steps, but they don't have much visibility into individual boxes.


To save you a phone call, here are the steps I'd recommend in order:


  1. Navigate to the Android TV screen (home or 'G' button on your Pik TV remote) and select settings in the top right hand corner of your screen (gear icon). 
  2. Select Network and Internet and then toggle OFF the Wifi (the slider should go from blue to white).
  3. Disconnect any ethernet cables from your Pik box.
  4. Reboot the box. Android TV home --> Settings --> Device Preferences --> Reboot
  5. If this doesn't work, I would try a factory reset: Android TV home --> Settings --> Device Preferences --> About --> Reset. This will require you to go through the first time install, including connecting your Wifi, re-entering your Google account and Pik TV login credentials.
  6. If your box is unresponsive, you can factory reset it using the button on the back - on the far left hand side beside the power cable female connector. You'll need to press it with a pen or a paperclip for more than 10 seconds (I'd recommend aiming for 15 to make sure that 10 seconds have elapsed).