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Cannot download Libby app


Apologies, I wrote an abbreviated question as my first attempt was rejected.  I am unable to download the Libby app (for streaming material from Vancouver Public Library) as the message states that "the item is not compatible with my device" and it states the number listed on my Telus PIK receiver ox (if that is the correct term for it). The Libby app did recognize my android phone at this time.  I had assumed (based on my limited knowledge) that the Libby app would connect to my laptop through my Telus wi-fi.  I have limited knowledge as to how the PIK system works, so any technical answer will not help.  Many thanks for anyone who can help.  


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you have the Telus PikTV box, it runs AndroidTV not regular Android. The Libby app is not from VPL but from a third party company. Unless that company creates a version of the app compatible with AndroidTV, you'll be limited to using it on your phone, which it appears to be specifically designed for use on.


The only way to use that app on your laptop is through an Android emulator and that'll likely be more work than it's worth.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I am not familiar with the Libby app, but if it is Chromecast enabled and installed on your Android mobile device, you could cast the content from your mobile phone to the Pik TV box to watch/listen to content on your televsion.