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Optik On The Go App

Just Moved In
Why is my device not compatible with this app? It says I can download it through the google play store.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Please provide more details, including the device you are having difficulty with.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

The biggest problem with Android devices is the different hardware that is used depending on the phone and the manufacturer. There are a few different CPU manufacturers for Android devices and the applications need to be custom tailored for each. That is the biggest reason why some apps only work with certain devices. Also if you have an older version of the Android OS that can be a factor as well.

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It would be nice if the most common android devices are tested....


As the Blackberry Q10 is a Telus product, can I ask Optik On the Go be tested with the Snap emulator?  There's a lot of blackberries and right now I get.


Sorry, the configuration of this device has been modified or rooted and does not support the use of Optik on the go app.



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