Video: Life with the Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+

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When the hype for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ started becoming palpable, we were observing. We saw you talk about what you were looking forward to the most and revelled in the discussions that came out of leaks and rumours.


Once we knew what the final product would look like, we wanted to know what features you're most excited about so we took a poll and thought it would be fun to hook up our friend, and mommy blogger, Tairalyn, AKA Little Miss Mama with an early device so that she can talk about those features on-camera and tell you how she integrates it into her busy life.


Our very own @Scoto talks to Tairalyn of Little Miss Mama about her experience with your favourite features:



Have more questions for Tairalyn about her experience with the Samsung Galaxy S9+? Send her a message through one of her social media channels:








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Samsung does a lot right but still fails in some crucial aspects.  The S9 Plus (what I have) has a fantastic screen!  It's bright, vibrant, and big!  Even though it has stereo speakers, they tend to be very disappointing, even with all enhancements enabled.  If you are an audiophile, you are sadly forced to hope for incredibly poor eye sight to settle for the LG V30's superb sound but eye offending grainy and non-uniform display.  


It's fast for a phone full of bloat and junk you have to resort to using ADB to remove.  Telus dumping their bloat on top of the Samsung bloat just makes that even more annoying!  Once you get rid of all of that junk, then the phone feels even snappier and you get back over 1.5GB of RAM.  that alone, is well worth the effort to remove all of that junk. The Plus does have 6GB of RAM but 1.5GB being wasted by useless apps, most of which don't allow you uninstall them in a conventional way, is ridiculous waste.  If you have an S9, then that 1.5GB of RAM becomes even more important to reclaim.  


The Bixby button is about as useless as Samsung's digital assistant!  Hopefully this button will be made programmable in the future.  Personally, I think Samsung should pay Amazon for the use of Alexa to power the digital assistant button.  I say that because I own three Echo's and enjoy a lot of the features Amazon offers by comparison to Google's assistant.  


The camera experience is nothing short of excellent!  Although I am not a huge fan of the zoom lens and would prefer an wide-angle lens instead.  There is nothing to complain about with the front or rear facing cameras.  Battery life is... okay.  It will get you through a day but just barely under moderate to heavy use.  The fingerprint scanner is finally right where it should be until Samsung catches up with Huawei and puts it under the screen.  Samsung's skin is mostly user preference but I personally don't care for it.  Nova Launcher is a quick fix though.  


A couple of very important things to note when considering the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus.  The screen protector Telus sells does not cover the entire screen and does not cover the curved glass of the screen.  You want the screen fully covered!  


In the software build number (mine currently ends in 1ARBG), the 1 stands for the bootloader version.  As long as you are on bootloader v1, you can flash your phone with ODIN to the unlocked US firmware, known as U1.  From the U1 firmware, you can flash to any other carrier firmware you want.  However, T-Mobile and AT&T currently have v2 bootloaders and you can't flash those back to firmware with v1 bootloaders.  Flashing will change the first two of the three items listed under Service Provider SW.  Mine originally was TLS/TLS?XAC.  Flashing to the US U1 carrier unlocked firmware will get you XAA/XAA/XAC.  The first two elements are related to your carrier and firmware version.  The final one, XAC in this case, is the actual model, which means Canadian W version.  XAA is US, XAC is Canada, and there are many others for the EU, Asia, Australia, and so on.  


If you decide to pick up an S9 or S9 Plus.  You won't be disappointed!  If you can afford the extra cost though, get the S9 Plus for the larger screen, dual camera setup, and extra 2GB of RAM.