Introducing the new TELUS WiFi app

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi I’m Jose, Product Specialist at TELUS. We know Wi-Fi has become an integral part of your lives, so we’ve worked hard to improve your Wi-Fi experience.


The first version of our app included a very basic view of your network and easy instructions to set up TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.


From your feedback, we know parental control has been on the forefront of your minds, and so it has been on our’s. As the first step, we are introducing pause -- to help give your families a break from this constantly-connected world. In addition, our app is packed with other amazing features, with more coming this year. It is now also compatible with our Advanced Wi-Fi modem, allowing more users to take advantage of the great functionality we’ve added so far.


Pause-Button.jpgPause Wi-Fi

Reclaim precious family time by pausing Wi-Fi on specific devices at any time. You are in control of when to re-enable the Wi-Fi. To learn more about pause, click here.


Wifi_RGB_PU.jpgWi-Fi setup made easy

Set up your own Wi-Fi with ease, set up your Wi-Fi name and password right in the app. Want to create one for your guests? You can do that too. Learn how.



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Check your usage

Keep track of how much of your allotted monthly data allowance you're using, and what plan you are subscribed to.



pasted image 0 (1).pngSpeed Test

Check the speeds coming into your home with a glance!




pasted image 0 (2).pngNotifications

Receive a notification any time a new device connects to your network, you’re getting close to your data limit, and more!




Download it today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

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