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this has the most expensive and worst services ever. been a customer since 1996. can not believe. I am still a customer. but other providers are thieves just as this company


Community Power User
Community Power User

Never had a problem with the service Telus provides which is one of the most robust for coverage. Their Social Media team is very active and respond in a timely manner. You can always visit a Telus store for 1 on 1 human service. What seems to be the issue with your service(s)?


My Telus services have always been fine, and by fine I mean, never anything to stress over. Like yesterday I was trying to call a cab from the mall and my phone wouldn't connect, but then I was encased in concrete and didn't really want to go outside under that giant sweltering yellow ball, but once I did that, my phone connected just fine. That was the first time my phone, any mobile phone I've ever had, has ever failed to connect. I had a Telus landline for decades without any service related issues at all.


Customer service could definitely be improved but the cell phone service and reliability of that service, being the only one I use from Telus, has always been superb by comparison to my experiences with the Rogers network.  The area you live in might yield different results to my experience in the Greater Toronto Area.